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Lucretia is an intuitive counselor, spiritual teacher, artist, and author of  "Peace And Healing For The World-Using Altars".

Lucretia's focus is Self Empowerment for Women. Whether she is  facilitating a private session,  a group or workshop, she brings to all of her work the medium of Sound.  These sounds or tones that she intuitively makes have an explicit intention.  One sound may put you into a deep meditative state, while another may bring up an unresolved issue, feelings, or even an emotional trauma, that has been stored in your body since childhood.  Some are used for grounding and others for bringing you back into consciounsness. The issues that the sounds bring up are as varied as the people who hear them.

For over 16 years Lucretia has communicated with Albert Einstein (her next book). He has given her a process  that he calls Brain Alignment, in which Lucretia sends sounds into the deepest parts of the brain for healing, alignment with Spirit, raising consciousness, or any other issue she deems necessary for the individual or group. Albert tells her that Brain Alignment sounds change the cells of the brain, thereby changing the cells of the body, assisting you in connecting with your Soul and living out your Life Path.

For over 40 years  Lucretia has inspired , motivated, and empowered women in their quest for wholeness  across the U.S.,Canada, and Europe.  She is the mother of five children and has five grandchildren, whom she cherishes as her greatest blessings. She now lives in the beautiful Texas Hill Country outside of Austin. Lucretia is available for private consultations, Brain Alignment, groups, rituals, workshops, and speaking engagements.  

Please contact me at or 512-695-8067.

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Peace and Healing For The World Using Altars

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Lucretia works on a sliding scale. If money is an issue, please contact her to make arrangements.