Infinite Imagination

Dream Sourcing

with Lucretia

Copyright   2009    Lucretia

In this process Lucretia writes down every detail of your dream. She then intuitively goes back to the source of your dream and brings back information and symbology that will allow you to clarify, heal, and enlighten aspects of your life that were symbolized by the dream.  Sometimes a great deal of information is sourced by just a glimpse of a situation or it has happened with just a few words, or numbers. There are occasions when more is gleaned from the sourcing than  was remembered by the dreamer.  A written copy of the Dream Sourcing is provided.  

Lucretia goes to the source of your dreams and brings back information that can clarify, heal, and enlighten all aspects of your life.

Dream Sourcing Session  $100.00
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Please contact me at or 512-695-8067.

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