Infinite Imagination


Several years ago in meditation I was taken by Albert Einstein to a space that he called Infinite Imagination. Since that time I have spent my days moving in and out of Infinite Imagination, and I am amazed at the way my creativity has flourished and the explosion of my imagination (which was already too active for most folks!).

One of the ways in which I am serving the Earth Mother is to promote peace and healing in the world. My current contribution to that end is to assist as many people as I am able to move into Infinite Imagination. Once someone has experienced and practiced Infinite Imagination for awhile, they can usually move in and out at will.

We are all creators in the world. Spending time in Infinite Imagination enables your imagination and creativity to expand. No matter who you are, there is always room for growth and a deeper understanding of yourself.

To my surprise, Infinite Imagination is different for each person. When I first began to take people into that space, I assumed it would be the same place that I went. Not true! It is so fascinating to hear about each one’s personal experience. I would love to know what Infinite Imagination is like for you.

There are many ways to create peace and healing in your life and in the world. If Infinite Imagination appeals to the seeker within you, please contact me, and let’s see if it is the path for you.

Some of the groups Lucretia has facilitated:

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Peace and Healing For The World

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Women Changing The World

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