Infinite Imagination

Private Sessions

with Lucretia

Copyright   2009    Lucretia

Dream Sourcing

In this process Lucretia writes down every detail of your dream. She then intuitively goes back to the source of your dream and brings back information and symbology that will allow you to clarify, heal, and enlighten aspects of your life that were symbolized by the dream.  Sometimes a great deal of information is sourced by just a glimpse of a situation or it has happened with just a few words, or numbers. There are occasions when more is gleaned from the sourcing than  was remembered by the dreamer.  A written copy of the Dream Sourcing is provided.  

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Spiritual Mediation

This is a mediation to resolve an issue between two or more people. However, we do this thru unconscious methods as well as conscious ones. And we invite our Souls to participate and give us guidance.  We use spiritual tools such as intuition, psychometry, sharing, guided imagery, Brain Alignment, or any other helpful one that pops up.

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Brain Alignment Self Empowerment Session

This is a one hour private session in which Lucretia uses Psychometry (a process in which a small object , ring, keys, earring, etc.,  is held and psychic information is received about the owner thru the object). In this way an issue within you that needs to be healed is accessed.

Once the issue is retrieved, Lucretia will use intuition, guided imagery, and Brain Alignment* to give you  the tools needed  to begin  your healing process.

*Brain Alignment is a process in which Lucretia sends sounds that she makes into the deepest parts of the brain for healing, alignment with Spirit, raising consciousness, or any other issue she deems necessary for the individual or group.

A Private Session may also be shared by by two, three, or four women who feel safe sharing their information with each other. In which case each would pay their share of the fee.  

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Lucretia works on a sliding scale. If money is an issue, please contact her to make arrangements.

Communication With Loved Ones Who Have Passed

Thru Brain Alignment and guided imagery Lucretia takes you to a safe place within you, where you are able to invite loved ones who have  passed into this space and communicate with them. Most people are able to mentally  send and receive with the loved one. In a rare instance, if  one is unable to connect, Lucretia will act as intermediary.

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