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Private Session with Lucretia

With Lucretia

 Brain Alignment Self Empowerment Session**

A Private Session may also be shared by four women who feel safe sharing their information  with each other. In which case, they would pay $25 each.  

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Please contact me at or 512-695-8067.

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This is a one hour private session in which Lucretia uses Psychometry (a process in which a small object , ring, keys, earring, etc.,  is held and psychic information is received about the owner thru the object). In this way an issue within you that needs to be healed is accessed.

Once the issue is retrieved, Lucretia will use intuition, guided imagery, and Brain Alignment* to give you  the tools needed  to begin  your healing process.

*Brain Alignment is a process in which Lucretia sends sounds that she makes into the deepest parts of the brain for healing, alignment with Spirit, raising consciousness, or any other issue she deems necessary for the individual or group.    

 Some of the healings people have experienced include:

*Grounding *More Present in the Moment *Peace *Right/Left Brain Connection

*Remembered Dreams *Opening of the Heart *Consciousness Shift

*Manifesting of Long-Standing Goals *Greater Clarity *Easing of Depression

*Strengthening of Psychic and Intuitive Abilities *Pain Relief

**Lucretia makes no personal claims or guarantees as to the effectiveness of this process.

Each person will experience the Brain Alignment differently***

Cost: $100

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